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The Importance of Using A Collection Agency with A Good Attorney Network

When your business is owed money, it is very important to find the right debt collection agency. The best ones have strong legal networks connected to them. Top agencies will have attorneys all over the United States. A collection agency without a team of lawyers associated with them cannot possibly be as strong as those… Read More »

How to Collect Past Due Account Receivables

HF Holdings, Inc. is a vital solution for companies faced with debt collection issues. Accounts receivables is defined as funds that a customer owes a business in exchange for products or services rendered, but have not been paid. Most businesses need a comprehensive strategy to handle their collection procedures. The longer the account is not… Read More »

Debt Collection – The Basics – How Do I Choose the Debt Collection Company

Unless your business operates on a cash basis, many businesses will face the difficult situation of being stiffed on the payment, perhaps due to a bounced check, accident or a debtor neglecting his duty to pay. All of this creates a difficult situation for a business owner where you realize how cumbersome it is to… Read More »

Business to Business International Debt Collection Recovery – How Does it Work?

When your business provides goods or services to another company, you send a bill, the bill gets paid and everyone goes about their business. However, what happens if that bill does not get paid? You could spend copious amounts of time and resources sending out extra invoices, making phone calls and possibly forming an internal… Read More »

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