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Could I Use My Local Small Claims Court to Sue a Large Out of Town Company?

Having financial disputes is quite commonplace between companies and their respective customers. During this situation, a company provides a product, service or credit line to a customer and naturally, they are expected to pay the due amount. However, life invariably happens and the customer is somehow unable to or does not bother to pay back… Read More »

Why Hire Debt Collection Agencies to Recover Your Money?

Any person who lends money directly or who loans valuable assets will inevitably need to collect what is not being returned to them. Some customers are simply irresponsible, while others suffer unexpected financial losses and can only cover their basic expenses in lieu of meeting the financial obligation they have to your company. Whatever the… Read More »

Finding you debtor’s assets, and how not to waste money

Customers can be quite deceiving when it comes to meeting their financial obligations. Some customers decide to relocate, change phone numbers and addresses making them untraceable. In the event that a businessperson decides to play the role of debt collector, it will consume so much time and money trying to locate the customer. This period… Read More »

Recover Your Receivables With A National Business Collection Agency

Let’s face it, there is almost no other industry where a business needs the services of a professional collection agency more than the online, payday loan business. It is simply the nature of the beast that we deal with rapidly mounting receivables, created by defaulting customers, who think that payday lenders are ripe for the… Read More »

Debt Collection – The Basics – How To Choose A Debt Collection Agency Which is Perfect For Me?

Unless your business operates on the cash basis, many businesses will face the difficult situation of being stiffed for the payment, maybe due to some bounced check, accident or some debtor neglecting his duty to pay. All this creates a difficult situation for you where you find it cumbersome to collect on all these overdue… Read More »

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