How to Collect Past Due Account Receivables

HF Holdings, Inc. is a vital solution for companies faced with debt collection issues. Accounts receivables is defined as funds that a customer owes a business in exchange for products or services rendered, but have not been paid. Most businesses need a comprehensive strategy to handle their collection procedures. The longer the account is not paid, the more difficult it becomes to collect the payment.

Because it is not a traditional collection agency, 100% of the account receivable debt collected by Invoice Guard or its affiliates, within the first 60 days of placement into the Accounts Receivables Collection Network, is sent directly to the client. This eliminates the loss many clients incur when dealing with traditional companies. In other words, Accounts Receivables is an effective alternative to traditional debt collection agencies because its services are provided on a flat fee basis instead of assessing high percentage rates.

Many businesses, especially small businesses, often do not have a department that is solely dedicated to debt recovery. In many instances, they may use their accounts receivable staff member to serve as debt collector, creating an additional workload when they are also responsible for invoicing, monitoring and reconciling customer payments. Each day that an accounts receivable is not reconciled the company’s availability of cash is reduced. Accounts Receivables is the agency to call when there is no response from a customer, or the customer continually fails to make good on their repeated promises to pay. InvoiceGuard attempts to collect accounts receivable quickly so that revenue is brought into the business.

Another advantage that a contract with Accounts Receivables affords is that a client can submit up to 4 account receivables per month for collection. If all four accounts are not used during the month, the remaining will roll over to the next month. There is a nominal, one-time fee of $15.00 per account if more than 4 accounts are submitted per month. Unlike many traditional companies, Accounts Receivables will not receive a commission unless the debt recovery process is successful.

When a business outsources its debts to Accounts Receivables, it can rest assured that the payments will be received sooner and that their staff will not have to spend valuable time on phone calls and navigating the legal process to get the debt resolved. Accounts Receivables reduces the costs involved by providing a specialized service that will facilitate early repayment and quick turnaround of accounts received. In fact, Accounts Receivables could be thought of a reasonably priced insurance plan against financial loss in the event of delinquent accounts. Accounts Receivables treats the client’s account as its own and recovers the debt in a manner that meets the clients’ needs.

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