How Collection Agencies Locate Past Due Customers

Most customers are good for business. Sometimes, though, you get a customer who uses your services and does not pay for them. The contact information that they have given you is invalid and you do not know how you are going to get your money. Collection agencies exist to track down individuals who are delinquent and difficult to locate. Agencies use a variety of tactics, all of which are legal and effective.

Public Records Searches

Many databases of public records are open to the public, although they may be hard to find. Collection agencies can search credit reports, bills, job applications, taxes and many other sources of information. Addresses, phone numbers and acquaintances can be found from this information and this data searches can be used to track down an individual. Some databases require substantial subscription fees, making them impractical for infrequent use. Because collection agencies locate so many individuals, it makes sense for the agency to pay for access to more elite databases.

Contacting Friends and Family

Sometimes even a collection agency is unable find an individual, but they will be able to find friends, associates or family members. Using legal tactics, an agency can contact these individuals to find more information about the missing debtor. Agencies know how to politely and effectively gather the knowledge that they need. Numerous laws govern the scope that is allowed when contacting known associates and collection agencies are familiar with these laws. If broken, these laws could lead to fines of hundreds or thousands of dollars, making it important to use a professional when making direct contact with potential leads.


From the expression “skipping town,” skip-tracing is the collective name for the techniques used to find a missing person. Used by bail bondsmen, lawyers, journalists and collection agencies, skip-tracing involves gathering data with the aforementioned techniques and analyzing the information obtained. It takes experience to know what leads are relevant and what information is a dead end. It takes practice to convince a stranger to help you find their family or friend. Collection agents have the practice and experience needed to use skip-tracing effectively.

The techniques that collection agencies use have been developed over the years by use by private detectives, police officers and bounty hunters. Agents have gone through training and experience to perfect their ability to use skip-tracing to hunt down delinquents. Take advantage of the expertise offered by a collection agency. Let skip-tracing work for you.

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