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Medical Billing Collection Services – Maximize Your Collection Rates

Running a medical business can prove to be a taxing experience. With such a plethora of factors to account for, operations often become overwhelming. Many aspects of a business require close attention to detail. Medical businesses rightly focus on customer care, but when it comes time for patients to pay the bill, the situation quickly… Read More »

Hiring a Collection Agency For Medical Collections

Do you feel the time has come to begin streamlining your accounts receivable files? Then it is the time to hire a collection agency. Skilled collection agencies can properly asses all accounts of medical providers, medical facilities and any creditor with medical bills that remain unpaid. An extensive amount of delinquent accounts is certainly an… Read More »

Medical Receivables Funding

Medical receivables funding is a valuable resource that is used to generate revenue for healthcare facilities. It is a financial opportunity that many businesses exploit, however it is under-utilizing by health care facilities. Our financial institution provides funding for health care providers for monthly revenue, increased services and for expansion and growth. This is a… Read More »

The Value of a Collection Agency To Your Business

From the smallest start-ups to the largest corporations, successful businesses have known for years how indispensable a good collection agency is. This is especially salient in business sectors where debt default runs rampant—such as in the credit card, banking, and medical industries. Obtaining a reputable debt collection agency provides many benefits: Debts are collected in… Read More »

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