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HF Holdings is The World’s Leader in Bad Debt Recovery.

Our collection agency helps people and businesses across all industries recoup their funds when their clients fail to make the payments they owe. We pride ourselves on debt recovery solutions that free up our customers to do what they do best. Other debt collection services may ask for upfront fees. Not us. Our debt collection agency believes payment should come once you have seen results. Our debt recovery solutions are tailored to each unique case, and our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you need a debt collector you can trust, you need HF Holdings, Inc.

For a debt collection agency to be successful, it must have connections. Our debt collection services leverage a network of international attorneys to ensure you get paid. Our team has decades of experience and puts every resource at their disposal to work for you. We appreciate you putting your trust in our collection agency and will do everything we can to make the process as quick and efficient as possible.

  • Contingency-based collections
  • Our rates for debt collection services are negotiable!
  • Not sure how to affect your debtor’s credit score?  Our collection company reports to all three major credit bureaus! We don’t believe our clients need to know the ins and outs of debt recovery. When you work with our collection agency, we become an extension of your business. Let our team become your debt recovery solutions department.
  • 24/7 Online Access

When we deliver results, we become your debt collector for life. This is our goal with every client we acquire. As a collection agency dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, we have established a reputation in the industry as a producer of results. We will leverage every skillset we have acquired over our years in the business to recover your debt quickly and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the professionals! A professional debt collector understands methodologies that the average business simply doesn’t have the time to focus on. Allow our experts to put their knowledge to work for you and significantly increase the likelihood of successful debt recovery.

It is important that the individual who fails to pay and ignores additional notices is made aware that you are serious about debt collection. Our team can follow up to ensure an individual’s credit score is negatively affected due to their inability to pay their bills. There are times when legal action is the best option. Our team will always share information regarding the best next steps.

Our debt recovery solutions encompass recouping older debts. The statute of limitations varies in each state so call us at 877-680-6064 to see if your debt is still valid.

We use cutting-edge technology to locate your debtor’s whereabouts, contact information and assets; all of which are critical to the successful recovery of your money.

That’s great news! Report the payment to us ASAP and we can bill you for our commission.

Many debts are collected within the first 30 – 90 days. Every debt collector at HF Holdings, Inc. works tirelessly to collect as quickly as possible.

Yes! Since there are costs associated with taking someone to court, this phase is always optional and we will never take legal action without your authorization.

You can access our Client Portal 24/7! You can also call us anytime at 877-680-6064.

Once your debtor’s payments adequately clear our account, we’ll get a check out to you thereafter.

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