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How Debt Collectors Work with Consumers to Resolve Debts

debt collection agency

Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) and debt collection professionals are always looking for solutions to outstanding debts that benefit all stakeholders. After all, lenders offer lines of credit or loans on the promise their customers will repay them, giving them a legal right to get their money. If a borrower stops paying, lenders often call on… Read More »

Cleaning Up the Books for Year End

Businesses routinely clean up their books for year end accuracy & to ensure unpaid invoices aren’t falling through the cracks. Hiring a commercial collection agency like HF Holdings can allow your business to focus on next year’s goals while resting assured any unpaid invoices get collected. Businesses can utilize debt-collection agencies to clean up their… Read More »

Escalation and Necessity: HF Holdings Inc. On How to Know When it is Time to Call a Debt Collection Agency

Debt Collection

The amount of debt in the United States has increased significantly over the past 10 months. Individuals and businesses alike have been affected by the negative economic impact of COVID-19. Companies that rely on recurring financial agreements, this rising amount of outstanding debt can dramatically impact their business operations. Even with these pressures, however, many… Read More »

How HF Holdings Inc Can Help You Get Paid

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We all know just how difficult 2020 has been with COVID-19 taking over the world leaving so many unkowns. Businesses and personal relationships have been negatively affected. With unemployment increasing, people are losing money and having a hard time making ends meet. Everyone is being affected in one way or another and it is important… Read More »

No Rest until Restitution: Commercial Collection Agency Provides Help During Pandemic

Commercial Collections

Business relationships have been strained by the Coronavirus. Unfortunately, revenue for many companies has plummeted and long-standing agreements have been altered. This fact of life in 2020 is among the many difficult changes we’ve had to adapt to. Unfortunately, not all have been able to make a seamless transition. Companies who have dutifully continued to… Read More »

Small Business Collection Agency can Help Firms Navigate Complex Financial Climate

Small Business Collections

Business owners depend on timely payments and a consistent cash flow to keep their business operational and profitable. The ongoing global pandemic that continues to weaken all sectors of our economy makes financial matters all the more complicated. With major brands like Starbucks, Ross, the Gap, T.J. Maxx and AMC not paying rent on their… Read More »

Industries Impacted by Economic Downturn Count on Collection Agency to Recover Funds

Today’s uncertain economic climate has forced both service providers and their clients into sometimes difficult and awkward conversations about payments. Many companies provided services to their customers with the expectation of being paid in a timely manner, but the advent of COVID-19 changed everything. Customers who would have otherwise paid the service provider promptly were… Read More »

Industry-Specific Debt Recovery Solutions have been Designed to Achieve Maximum Effect

Debt is a way of life. We take out loans to finance expensive ventures such as college, buying a car, launching a business or purchasing a home. What comes with these loans is a lot of fine print – and that text is legally-binding. There are very specific terms attached to these funds and repayment… Read More »

What Goes into Successful Commercial Collections

Nearly every business will have to deal with customers that refuse to pay on time, if at all, during the course of their operations. It is an unfortunate inevitability; however, hiring our commercial collection agency can shoulder the burden of recovering any business’ unpaid receivables, allowing you to focus on your day to day operations… Read More »

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