How Modern Collection Agencies Can Locate Almost Anyone

There are many reasons someone might want to locate another person. Many reasons to locate someone often center on nostalgia or tracing ones ancestry. However, the most frequent reason is to issue a legal summons or attempt to collect a debt. Tracking and locating someone to help collect debts is called skip tracing in the collections or investigative counseling business

Skip tracing has never been simple, but with the advent of the Internet, more and more tools have become available to aid those doing such work. This article is meant to let you see how a strong collection agency is in locating the person you need to find.

As always, the first thing you must do is take inventory of what information you have on hand. Developing more information on the person who skipped is important. Simple things are often where the first leads come from. A left behind cell phone, a customer contact number and address are a good place to start. On the internet, there are now free software programs that can pinpoint the location of any cell phone within the range of one cellular tower or group of towers. This is quick and easy and can save a lot of possibly wasted time if the online locater program informs you that number is not in the city or state that you expected.

When you have an address the debtor is expected to visit in the future, one idea to use is trap letter. The letter can advise the recipient they have money on hold from past payroll tax payments that were over deducted from past salary payments. The debtor is advised either call a toll free number for details or is given a website to look up on the Internet. When the skip makes contact, they must give name, telephone number and contact address to verify identity. When they reply and give contact information you have them trapped.

Social networking is another great tool to use when skip tracing. The names of known friends and associates can be gateways used to obtain information helpful in various skip-tracing activities. The Facebook search function makes finding people easy. As so many people use social networking sites there is a strong possibility the information obtained is all an experienced investigator needs to locate the person who skipped and avoided paying their bills or child support.

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