How Do I Hire a Collection Agency to Collect My Tenant Debt?

Many property management companies and individuals that own property and rent it out, routinely hire collection agencies to recover owed money and debt. Many tenants leave their apartments in disarray when they move elsewhere. Some cause a lot of damage that the security deposit does not cover. This is where a professional collection agency can be the tool for recovering money that is owed, be it resulting from damage or otherwise.

Perhaps a tenant got evicted, but before they were legally locked out, there was a court process. During that time, many tenants successfully stall for longer amounts of time to stay in the unit before a court order can officially evict them. While they are in these units, they are not paying rent and the unit cannot be rented to another tenant. This loss in money can be recovered. A professional collection agency that is familiar with this type of debt is a great option to collect the debt from former tenants. We believe you should hire a debt collector, because they know how to locate tenants and either negotiate a settlement with the tenant or get the amount owed in full.

The Right Time to Hire a Debt Collector

Many property owners, who have issues with tenants not paying what they owe for their apartments, often wonder when a good time to hire a collection agency is. If a tenant was evicted, the early bird catches the proverbial worm. A person who was evicted or is being evicted, will need a new home to move to, so therefore, a landlord, or property management company should not wait more there 20 days before hiring a collection agency to recover the debt. The tenant will have to apply for an apartment or some other type of living situation in a timely fashion.

When you hire a collection agency, they have the ability to report the tenant to all credit bureaus which may prohibit the former tenant from acquiring another residence. With a little bit of research, new prospective property managers can check the tenants rental history, their credit rating and their job history. If their credit history shows an amount that is owed to their former landlord, the prospective landlord will not look upon this tenant in any positive light. Therefore, when you feel a tenant will not pay what they owe, it is best to hire a collection agency as quickly as possible to recover the debt.

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