What to do when your customers won’t pay

The innovative solutions to debt collection that we practice, is considered to be at the forefront of solutions being offered by Invoice Guard products. Third party solutions facilitate a more successful method that is intended to give collecting practices a more fluid approach. Every year, people pay at least 50% more on the processes to collect from clients that do not pay. Invoice Guard will be the program that serves business entities of all sizes in protecting their accounts receivables. Working to capitalize on the third party leverages that are developed collection intervention, it works by using this as strength.

Its goal is not only to collect, but rather build a program that will develop a better dialog between the clients and the business, which results in the retention of the clientele base. Accounts receivable is the amount that clients are expected to pay at the end of a term of product release. Certain terms and conditions will be agreed upon by the parties involved to ensure the release of the items, and to which point the business organization will collect from the buyer as payments. Every year, business entities suffer from bad debt collections. Over time, delinquent accounts can add up to extremely significant portions of a business’s profit margins.

Some have even stated that one of the causes of the 2008 recession was the inability of the financial institutions to collect what is rightfully theirs. Thus, for the small to the large institutions, the presence of the debt collection programs such as Invoice Guard Systems will be ideal in the overall process. Accounts receivable collection will be ease and paved for a solution that will gather the debts and collect them in a timely manner. A hundred dollars is all it takes to sign up for the business program for the debt collection, and as short as 60 days of delayed payment will be enough for Invoice Guard to run after your client.

All of the legwork will be conducted by Invoice Guard personnel. And additional perk of the program is that payment for our services will be free if you decide to close the case. No debt recovery, no fee. With the third party solutions, the service provided will be carried out in a professional manner that remains consistent with your own business practices. Debt collection is not always easy, but Invoice Guard can undoubtedly make the process of debt recovery as painless as possible.

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