What Goes into Successful Commercial Collections

Nearly every business will have to deal with customers that refuse to pay on time, if at all, during the course of their operations. It is an unfortunate inevitability; however, hiring our commercial collection agency can shoulder the burden of recovering any business’ unpaid receivables, allowing you to focus on your day to day operations so you can give the necessary attention to your paying customers.

Our commercial collection agency not only saves our client’s time, we also have the expertise and know-how to collect your commercial debts quickly. Our experience, resources and the technologies we employ makes our commercial debt collectors second to none. When a business goes “dark” and the responsible party changes their location, our team will leave no stone unturned. Our skip-tracing technology can access credit reports, public records, criminal background checks, assets, corporate officers and more. Of course, our collection agency will start with more traditional methodologies. Phone calls will be made, letters will be sent and the debtor’s assets will be assessed. When these options are exhausted, our more intensive strategies will be deployed.

If your business has trouble collecting debt, you’re far from alone. Just four years ago, The Federal Reserve cited that business debt was approximately $13.4 trillion dollars. By and large, a commercial collection agency will work on a contingency based fee structure, meaning the creditor has no out of pocket expense. That is, a commercial collection agency will only keep a percentage if and when they successfully collect your past due receiveables.

One common misconception regarding commercial collection agencies is that they are rude to the businesses they are trying to collect from. A reputable commercial collection agency will be happy to tailor their approach to fit your needs. Some businesses are focused on customer retention, while others prefer a more assertive approach with the understanding that their delinquent customers will never return.

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