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Tenant Collections

Whether you utilize a property management company or handle your rental properties on your own, tenants who owe back rent or worse, damage your property, can be extremely frustrating. Let our experienced collectors pursue your bad tenants, while you focus on re-renting the property.

  • Daily phone calls
  • Credit reporting
  • Litigation
  • Assertive collection approach

Our experienced skip-tracers can find your debtor’s new location, giving us the ability to provide a nationwide collection service tailored to fit your specific needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the professionals! Third-party intervention significantly increases successful debt recovery.

The individual’s credit score will be negatively affected. We will also audit the claim to determine if the claim warrants legal action.

We will happily accept your old debts! The statute of limitations varies in each state so call us at 877-680-6064 to see if your debt is still valid

We use cutting edge technology to locate your debtor’s whereabouts, contact information and assets; all of which are critical to successful recovery of your money.

That’s great news! Report the payment to us ASAP and we can bill you for our commission.

Many debts are collected within the first 30 – 90 days.

Yes! Since there are costs associated with taking someone to court, this phase is always optional and we will never take legal action without your authorization.

You can access our Client Portal 24/7! You can also call us anytime at 877-680-6064.

Once your debtor’s payments adequately clear our account, we’ll get a check out to you thereafter.

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