Suing in Small Claims Court

There are many times when small claims court judgments have to be made with regards to payments that are owed or bills that are not being paid. However, the smart thing to do is to get a collection agency involved. Collection agencies are experts at recovering upaid debts. They are able to successfully complete the process much more expeditiously and professionally. While small claims court can be thought of as a last resort, it is probably better to simply go with a collection agency to begin with.

If you are having trouble with an individual or a company that is not paying bills on time, then you might have no choice but to contact a collections agency. What they will do is contact this person, or organization, on your to begin the debt recovery process. The debtor will be given a deadline to either pay the full amount or arrange some sort of payment plan with the collection agency. Typically, cases are resolved at this juncture. However, in the off chance that this does not work out, the collection agency will take other measures to retrieve the money. Threats with respect to someone’s credit score/financial standing are always helpful, not to mention the threat of being sued also prompts most people to action.

Collection agencies are extremely useful because when they get involved it does not mean that the threat of legal action has yet begun. At times, starting legal action can be counterproductive. Those who owe money sometimes become more reluctant to pay and disregard court notices. People respond better to collection agencies, as they are worried about the POTENTIAL of a lawsuit or their credit score dropping as a result of nonpayment of bills.

Another positive aspect regarding collection agencies is that they assume the responsibility of the entire process. You, as the company, no longer need to concern yourself with repeatedly calling this person. It is far easier to allow a professional collection agency to do their job and wait for them to recover the debt that you are owed.

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