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Let’s face it, there is almost no other industry where a business needs the services of a professional collection agency more than the online, payday loan business. It is simply the nature of the beast that we deal with rapidly mounting receivables, created by defaulting customers, who think that payday lenders are ripe for the picking and online electronic loans are so easy, they just have to be free. Unfortunately for the debtor, of course, they are not and they cost online lenders millions in losses.

This is where a good collection agency comes in. They have the personnel and resources to turn those losses into profits, both directly and indirectly. Directly, they can and will collect those delinquent accounts and turn them into revenue. However, there are also indirect results, which are often just as lucrative, if not more so, than the direct cash flow. These include, but are not limited to, a decrease in substantial overhead wasted on turning an employee, or usually dozens of them, into effective debt collectors. Many companies discover too late that their debt collector costs them more than he or she actually collects, unlike a professional collection agency that does not cost you a dime unless they collect. Try that with an employee! Furthermore, with a collection agency, there are no payroll taxes, equipment costs, sick days, or drama. Besides, the truth is, no matter how much a potential employee says they have collected and how good they are at it, not everyone is cut out to be a debt collector. The truth is that they often cost a company a pretty penny before the employer realizes they’re not worth the paycheck they are receiving. With a professional collection agency, you get what you pay for. Those receivables don’t sit on someone’s desk while he or she draws a weekly paycheck with minimal results.

In our experience, both small and large businesses, with any amount of receivables to be collected, should turn to a professional collection agency to ensure that their receivables actually get collected, not just shuffled around from one employee’s desk to another, with little to no success. The more time you waste in making this valuable decision, the less chance the debt will be collected since they become less viable as time passes.

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