Medical Receivables Funding

Medical receivables funding is a valuable resource that is used to generate revenue for healthcare facilities. It is a financial opportunity that many businesses exploit, however it is under-utilizing by health care facilities. Our financial institution provides funding for health care providers for monthly revenue, increased services and for expansion and growth. This is a means for increased monthly revenue for home health care providers, nursing homes, hospitals, sole practitioners, rehab and therapy services and more. It is now possible to combine excellent health care service and financial success by joining our team of experts.

Medical receivables funding utilizes factoring which has been widely used by the business world. It is seen as a successful means for growth and progress. We now provide this service for health care facilities. Factoring turns your accounts receivable into an immediate source of cash flow. Now is the time to team up with experts with the skills to bring your facility to a heightened level of financial profit. Difficulties meeting payroll can be replaced with growth and adding new clients through medical receivables funding. Internal bill collection tends to hinder the flow of day to day operations as well as efficiency and profitability. Our reliable services offer timely and important revenue for numerous facilities. We will provide you with the ability to provide payment opportunities for client services. In turn, we collect the payments, while building your patient’s ability to receive services and your ability to provide services. This increases daily business practices and provides clients with services that they can afford through payment options.

Factoring bridges the gap between billing and payments and streamlines the process as a whole. Factoring stops unnecessary delays in payments and produces steady income to the health care facility. Now is the time for experiencing opportunity through medical receivables funding. Factoring opens the doors to financial growth through financing payroll, acquisition financing, restructuring, post bankruptcy financing, DIP, and more. A plethora of improvement and expansion opportunities are made available through the use of our experienced and successful financial team of experts. You can count us for connecting your facility to financial expertise. We offer you tools for financial success to match your medical science expertise. Together we will create a powerful financial force that will merge health care and business to bring new levels of recognition and success within the community. We invite you to request a proposal today for medical receivables funding.

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