I just received my judgment; will the court get my money?

You have won a case in court and received a judgment. The requisite time delay before you can enforce this judgment has now passed. You have also written a letter to the debtor asking that your dues be paid, but they failed to respond. You even called the debtor and they just laughed and hung up.

Under these circumstances what can you do with this judgment? You have several choices: hire a lawyer, enforce it yourself or use a collection agency to successfully recover your judgment.

A reliable collection agency can easily solve the problem of judgment recovery and recover your money from the debtor in a timely fashion. A collection agency is aware that if the debt is not collected within an appropriate time frame, the chances of collecting it successfully dramatically decreases.

When you are using a debt collector, you retain the ownership of your judgment. In case your debtor is a person with solid upstanding who will get upset by phone calls, letters or marks on credit score, then a debt collection company will collect on your judgment.

A debt collection company has the necessary expertise, trained manpower and skills to successfully recover debt from your reluctant debtors.

Now, what is the most appropriate time when you should assign your judgment to a debt collection company? The more complicated a collection is, the better the rationale for hiring a debt collector. Here we are several reasons as to why you should assign your judgment to a debt collection company:

  • You are not aware of the exact location of the debtor.
  • You are not sure about their assets.
  • You are certain there are assets, but debtor has transferred them to another company or person, effectively hiding them from you and the courts.
  • You have incurred huge expenses in legal fees fighting with the debtor to secure the court judgment.
  • Your attorney was unsuccessful in collection of your debt.
  • Your debtor has filed for bankruptcy, but you feel he is lying.
  • You are having a “default judgment”. (Such judgments are open to attack once enforcement proceeding are launched).
  • Your judgment is too complicated
  • In the event the debtor is now deceased

Sometimes a debt collector may allow debtors to negotiate the total amount that is to be paid. This type of negotiation helps in recovering at least a partial amount of the debt owed. In some situations, a debt collector may assist you in recovering the total amount plus interest.
A professional collection agency prefers to maintain a transparent relationship with their clients and respect their opinion. A collection agency provides them with regular updates on the progress of their case so as to keep them informed of the case’s status.

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