How to Sell Bad Past-Due Debts to a Collection Agency

Does your company have outstanding consumer debt that has not been paid? If you want an alternative to the need for small claims court, mediation, and arbitration, check and see what options are available to help you with the outstanding, delinquent debts.

It is time to use a debt buyer to help to collect on the delinquent charged-off debt. A professional debt collection agency can purchase the assets of non-performing accounts. Smaller balance accounts make it easier for a collection agency to purchase at deep discount pricing. The goal is to recover more money and become more profitable in the current state of the economy.

HF Holdings, Inc. provides solutions to companies who are in need of selling bad past due personal loans, credit card debts or medical bills. Profit margins on unpaid delinquencies of distressed assets can be handled by a debt collector who specializes in recovering unpaid debts.

Benefits to using a collection agency to take care of any debt collection issues are that they are experts of debt solution management. Banks, credit card issuers and telecom companies are at the greatest of risk on non-performing assets. Having the experience and expertise of debt collectors can help in relieving the obligation and allow for selling at a fraction of the cost.

How can you sell past due debt to a debt collector? First you will want to be listed with a contingency placement service, then set up a profile with your name, company, address, state, email and phone number. Other information will include the type of assets you own such as credit cards, bank accounts, payday or student loans as well as utility and medical bills.

The portfolio amount and average balance along with the number and age of accounts will help the debt collector decide if it will be a good investment. The debt collection agency will buy bad debt if they see that there is a hope of reaching settlement and improve cash flow.

To sell consumer debt asset portfolios you will need to utilize the internet to generate leads and connect with prospective buyers who will pay a competitive price for the assets. The debt collector uses various debt recovery procedures and methods. The recession does not have to be a challenge to your bottom line. Get the help you need today!

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