Commercial Collection Agency Services – Is Your Business a Good fit?

Many businesses outsource their collection functions to a commercial collection agency. This is especially true for small and medium sized companies that may not have the resources to devote to debt recovery. Even large companies use collection agencies for accounts that reach a certain age. Debt collection can be an expensive undertaking and many businesses save money by outsourcing this task. They save money because collection agencies provide specialized services that are more effective, at less cost, than in-house collections

Good Cop, Bad Cop:

Many businesses try hard to maintain their customer base by offering better deals to current customers. Part of these better deals can be more favorable payment terms, but the accounts must be collected and when a customer falls behind the business is suddenly in a position of going from good cop to bad cop. Avoid adversarial situations with customers that result in loss of business by using a commercial collection agency.

Focus on Core Business:

Using an outside agency will allow more time to be spent focused on the core business. The core business activities are revenue generating activities and the more time employees spend on core business activities the more efficient they are and the more revenue they bring into the business.

Pay for Performance:

Commercial collection agencies only get paid for what they collect. If an invoice is not collected on, nothing is paid for the effort. This makes the collection agency a productive resource for the business rather than a drain on resources. There is also an incentive for the collection agency to work hard to collect on the accounts so it can also make money. In-house collections can result in a lot of cost with little results, with an outside collection agency this does not happen.

Normal Business Process:

The sooner action is taken to collect a delinquent account the more likely it is to be collected. The collection function tends to be put off in-house, unless there are personnel dedicated to this task, which is cost prohibitive in most small and medium sized businesses. Using an outside agency allows the collection process to stay on schedule and provides the best chance of collecting on delinquent accounts.


Debt collection companies are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and are required to comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Professional debt collection companies make every effort to comply with the law by following the prescribed guidelines. By acting in a professional manner the collection agency will be providing a better, more effective service to its customers.

Most businesses that have delinquent accounts can benefit from the services of a commercial collection agency.

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