Are Bounced Checks (NSF or Bad Checks) a Problem with your business?

The financial lifeblood of any business is getting paid fairly and on time. Making sure that payments come in on time can be a challenge, one made more frustrating by bounced checks. There are few things more frustrating for a business owner than to think they have been paid only to have the check returned. There are many options when dealing with bounced checks, however, one you may not have considered is hiring National Collection Agency to take care of them for you. National Collection Agency offers three advantages over trying to collect them yourself.

Expertise & Experience

The biggest challenge when trying to collect bounced checks is figuring out the tools available. Through years of experience, national collection agencies have developed the expertise to ensure prompt collection of bounced checks. Our collection experts have access to the full range of legal tools and techniques needed to ensure you get paid for your goods and services. You are an expert at your business, we are experts in getting your business paid.

The collections process is heavily regulated. With a plethora of federal and state regulations, it is vital to understand which tools and techniques are within the law. Our staff is trained on the latest rules and techniques. Using a collection agency can help you avoid costly legal expenses that can occur from using improper collection practices, while our experience and expertise can ensure collection, while avoiding common, legal pitfalls.


A main problem with bounced checks is not that they are never collected, but the time it takes to receive the funds. We understand that quickly recovering funds can be the difference between a business thriving or closing its doors. The combination of our expert staff, experience and resources allows us to collect bounced checks as quickly as possible. Recovering the money quickly is second only to getting paid on time. Trusting a collection agency can ensure that speedy recovery to keep your business in the black.


National Collection Agency has the staff and systems that are needed for the collection process. Our staff is trained in the most effective and ethical collection techniques available. Our systems have been specifically designed to ensure that our agents provide excellent and timely collection of all monies owed to you. By trusting a collection agency to collect on your behalf, we can dedicate the time, attention and resources necessary to ensure you get paid. We know that every business’s staff and time are valuable, so let your employees focus on making your business better while we ensure you are fairly paid.

Receiving bounced checks will never be a pleasant experience, but by using the right resources and tools National Collection Agency will ensure that you receive the payment that is due to you quickly and efficiently. The expertise, resources and experience makes partnering with a collection agency an excellent choice.

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